The Smile

It was typing class in Charles Marion Russell High School that I meet Jeffery Allan Overturf. He has been known by many names, Jeff, Turf, Stinky the Clown, The Answer Man, and many more. Jeff is a wonderfully talented man. He is an artist, he is musician and a hellva funny guy. We partnered in high school to form a comedy team called Idiots Inc. Jeff has written some fabulous songs, following is one of my favorites. I think we can all learn a little something from Uncle Jeffy’s song. The Smile I went for a walk down to the park Tryin' to fire up my engine with a plug in my spark I saw a little girl laughin' at some funny bug she'd found How'd she find the sunshine so close to the ground? Well, I watched this girl gigglin' and then she saw me too And she was so red and yellow and orange and I was so blue She was so full of "happy" and she saw I had none And she said, "I got 'smiles' to spare." and she let me have one. Well, I went on back home and I felt back in place And of all of that fog that I'd left there, there was nary a trace My shutters were open and there was sun through my blinds And all of my feelin's that mattered, were once again mine. So you can look on the mountain and you can search o'er the globe And you can seek out the wisdom that's behind a black robe And you'll prob'ly find answers, but none quite so true As an "unasked for smile" that's just given to you. And it was worth a jillion dollars, but no payment got asked So when I'm out there pacin' and I see a "blue mask" I pass on that twinkle that she'd shared with me And I watch the mouths wrinkle, 'cause they know, it's for free But regrets are like anvils that you carry around And you don't make 'em lighter by wearin' a frown So if you go out walkin' and see this girl, would you please Pay her special attention and thank her for me. Yep, tell her she's got change comin', for the "smile" she gave me.

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