Your Happy Place

So where and what is a Happy Place? First the What: Your Happy Place is a mental state achieved when you want to escape the unpleasant or uncomfortable. Everyone's happy place is different and often very personal. It has been described as a psychologically-induced trance-like state, where we regress to from a stressful situation. Happy Places are often based on actual, physical locations. When I was young one of my Happy Places was Giant Springs, just outside of Great Falls. I also had a wonderful Happy Place across from South Coast Plaza in Coasta Meza California in a Bank courtyard. That happy Place was only at night when it was quite and filled with wonderful magical shadows. I could sit there for hours and often did. One of Lesley’s favorite times and places was when we performing in The Bahamas, it was a beach in Freeport. It is the memories of these special places that we retreat to in our minds, they are the foundations of our Happy Place. Or, just maybe your Happy Place is not based on a real location. That little log Bridge to Terabetha, Through a certain Looking Glass, Over the Rainbow, at the back of a big Wardrobe or maybe some fantasy land that only you know about. That's the point, it is YOUR HAPPY PLACE, so go there and be happy now. Have a listen to the wonderful Katie Melue as see looks for her Happy Place

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