Sometimes Happy Has No Rhyme or Reason

For a many years I work on a cruise ship. I would fly down to Nassau in the Bahamas. Now, on the surface of this it may seem great. “You get to go to the Bahamas every week!” Unfortunately traveling there was rarely a joy. I would usually have to get up around 4am and take two flights, wait during my layover and wade through the crowds at customs and immigration. I would get to the ship around 2pm, so it was a fairly long day and I was not always in the best of moods when I got to the dock. But there was always one thing that would put a smile on my face and melt the bad away. Remember I am in the Bahamas, so was it the Beach? Nope. The Sun? Nope. The beautiful blue waters of Nassau? Nope. As I have said, sometimes Happy has no rhyme or reason. I cannot tell you why my spirits where lifted every time I saw her, but they where…opps did I say her? I guess that gives it away. Yes, I am talking about Amber Jack Amber Jack is a tugboat. I know, I know, but that old tug never failed to make me smile. Look around you, what makes you smile for no darn reason?

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