Invasion of the Mind Controller !

Am I talking about talking about Aliens from outer space? Some Covert Government Super Men in Black agency? No. I’m talking about television, movies, advertising and magazines! So much of the media comes at us from a negative place. I have a home in Central Florida and do you know what the local news channel calls their weather department? Severe Weather. Severe Weather! It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, stormy or cold, they call there service Severe Weather. Like so many newscaster these days you can see the gleam in their eyes when there is some terrible news to report. And speaking of TV Weather, why? Why do they always say Partly Cloudy? When a much happier and more accurate way of saying that would be MOSTLY SUNNY!

I have almost completely given up watching the news, it just so sad and depressing. Most media’s aim seems to be to tell us we are not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough and we should be scared! What makes you happy? I can’t answer that and neither can the media. Only YOU know what truly makes you happy. Do not let anyone tell you what happy is. Not the TV, not your favorite magazine and not me. I am not here to tell you what should make you happy, but rather how to find what your Happy is and help you get there. Standards are a personal thing. Those infamous Joneses that we are trying to keep up with, are themselves hypnotized by false notions of how to be happy. Now, Look into my eyes, deep into my eyes...not around my eyes but in my eyes and...

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