Mind Hustle is a customizable show that provides an entertaining and exciting addition to any meeting. With a combination of Wit, Whimsy & Wonder, TC uses demonstrations of Humor, Psychic Phenomenon and Magic to not only entertain but educate.

TC will lead your group through a highly interactive and mind-boggling program.


Mind Hustle can be customized to fit your needs as a featured Keynote Program or for Business Meetings


The Kick-Off

Because Mind Hustle is customized to your needs, it is well suited to Kick-off your meeting and help set a tone that will not only grab your attendees attention but also puts them in a scientifically proven state of "better learning".


Better than a Red Bull

Mind Hustle can also perk up your audience at the midway point.Right at that point where minds start to wander and energy begins to wane,TC can Recharge and Revitalize your group.


The Closer

TC and his Mind Hustle will bring your audience back to lifeAnd of course if you want your people to walk away from your meeting feeling good and remembering you conduct the best meetings...use TC as your Wrap-up.